2019 KEGOC JSC Annual Report
Annual Report


KEGOC operations cover the entire territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The structure of the company includes 9 intersystem electric network branches (MES branches) and the National Dispatch Centre of the System Operator (NDC SO), also as a branch of the company.

KEGOC has subsidiaries: EnergoInform JSC and Financial Settlement Centre for Renewable Energy Sources LLP (FSC RES).

KEGOC is also a co-founder (20 % of shares) of Batys Transit JSC established in 2005 to implement the project for construction of inter-regional power transmission line linking North Kazakhstan with Aktobe oblast.

Akmolinskiye MES

10 SS
8,136.6 MVA
OHTL 4,230.431 km

Aktyubinskiye MES

7 SS
2,425.5 MVA
OHTL 967.194 km

Almatinskiye MES

12 SS
4,897.35 MVA
OHTL 4,225.143 km

Vostochnye MES

7 SS
4,362.5 MVA
OHTL 1,923.39 km

Zapadnye MES

5 SS
950 MVA
OHTL 1,681.5 km

Sarbaiskiye MES

8 SS
6,569.9 MVA
OHTL 2,447.845 km

Severnye MES

8 SS
3,770.6 MVA
OHTL 3,680.614 km

Tsentralnye MES

10 SS
3,741.6 MVA
OHTL 3,482.19 km

Yuzhnye MES

13 SS
3,392 MVA
OHTL 4,262.603 km