2019 KEGOC JSC Annual Report
Annual Report

KEGOC’s Business

As part of the implementation of KEGOC Digital Business Transformation Program, the following projects were completed in 2019:

  • Category procurement management project to optimize the procurement management processes;
  • Billing system for settlements with consumers to increase the efficiency of payment management and customer satisfaction;
  • Targeted IT management model to increase availability, quality and speed of IT services;
  • Target information security model to expand the information security management system to all information systems of the company.

Last year, the project portfolio was updated to include 12 projects and activities designed to achieve the strategic initiatives of the company and its main shareholder.

One of the most important for the company is the ERP project. It shall create a common information platform integrating all key processes into a single mechanism. The project shall provide maximum degree of process automation of processes and integrate all key business areas.

The most prominent digital transformation project of the company is the project for operational automation in the UPS of Kazakhstan, which was included in “Digital Kazakhstan” government’s programme.

The project is expected to complete:

  • transition from local to centralised emergency automation control system;
  • implementation of automatic frequency and power control system;
  • introduction of a monitoring and control system based on synchrophasor technologies of Wide-Area Measurement & Control Systems (WAMS/WACS).