2019 KEGOC JSC Annual Report
Annual Report

and Development

Key R&D objectives of the company:

  • create, classify, and develop the processes of R&D planning and implementation based on the priority and urgency of the technology development in the company;
  • ensure efficient coordination of development and application of R&D products;
  • make practical use of the R&D results to improve the efficiency and quality of operational business processes.

The company has already deployed some smart grid elements through several projects as a part of the government’s ‘Digital Kazakhstan’ programme. Namely the WAMS⁄WACS transient monitoring system and centralized system of emergency and operational automation in the UPS of Kazakhstan. The latter, in turn, consists of two components: a centralized emergency control system and an automatic frequency and power control system.

The first component named as ‘Synchrophasor-Based Monitoring System (WAMS) project’, was implemented in partnership with General Electric Company, which installed PMU (Phasor Measurement Unit) devices at 14 substations including specialized software in National Dispatch Centre and Almaty Regional Dispatch Centre of KEGOC. The second component, ‘Development of Algorithms and Creation of WACS Automation project’, was launched in 2019.

As part of 2019 grant programmes of USAID and the Asian Development Bank, KEGOC engaged the contractors to study the impact of renewable energy on the energy system of Kazakhstan and rolled out the latest versions of Power Factory and PLEXOS software systems.

The company continues to study the efficiency of automatic excitation control settings for generators of power plants of national importance that would ensure the static and dynamic stability of 220-500 kV inter-system electric networks of Kazakhstan. The study is carried out as a part of “Technological modernization and innovative development of the energy sector of Kazakhstan” effort of the Consortium of the manufacturing sector.

Together with ORGRES Engineering Centre (Russia), KEGOC started a scientific research to determine the root causes of high level of technical electricity losses in 500 kV transmission lines of KEGOC equipped with OPGW and develop substantiated methods that will reduce them.